About The Book

A-Z of sex and sexual relations, for males and females, singles and couples, from teens to silver-tops. The most comprehensive self-help reference book. Detailed fundamental to advanced knowledge and mind-blowing techniques. Written in Clive's easy-going, often humorous, conversational style, recognising that we are all different.
This book tells you what males and females around the world look for in seeking the best sex - you'll love what they said, and how they describe it, when we learnt their innermost secret desires and emotions. And what they actually do and how they go about it - from first attraction to deciding locations and positions. No holds barred - taboo subjects are openly discussed. 
What happens as get older? We start with the young-adult years, when hormones are raging. We began by talking to teenagers; talked about their fears and how they overcame them. Understanding emotional issues, how to recognise and distinguish between love and lust. Progressing through the years to when lifestyles and work can put sex on the back burner - with the key elements identified and sex becoming enjoyable again. Rediscovering sex in later years; identifying problems and solving them.
Answers to difficult questions are drawn from surveys and academic studies about every aspect of sex, and candid opinions of professionals in the medical world - as well as some from well-known TV and film personalities.
For those serious about discovering new, and deeper, knowledge about sex, love and lust, and wanting to understand their partner's innermost desires - and fulfilling them - this book is your first point of reference.